In Serving Suggestion Sonia Franken and Gonzalo Barahona create random situations wherein the two figures of a cat and a bird interact and play with behavior of human beings and animals: Switching between the normality of every day life, the absurdity of classical cartoons and the dangers of an (un)known nature, all of which appeals to the atavistic consciousness of the audience. This combination generates an atmosphere varying between the cutting edge of humorous playfulness and recurring uncanniness.

Press: Dance Critique SoloDuo Competition, Thomas Linden, 13.10.15
“… Mit “Serving Suggestion” boten Sonia Franken und der in Köln lebende Chilene Gonzalo Barahona eine Choreographie, die durch die suggestive Kraft der Maskerade faszinierte. Die beiden tanzten mit realistischem Vogel- und Katzenkopf, wobei die gut beobachteten Bewegungsmuster das Publikum zum Lachen und Staunen brachte…”

Very Special Thanks for the choreographic support of Barbara Fuchs and the inspirational Feedback of Benedetta Reuter. As well as to Marcelo Omine, Julia Franken, Marion Dieterle, Hans Peter Franken & (the team of) Barnes Crossing.