El Cuco Projekt experiments with articulating Choreography and Visual Arts in a creative autonomous combination. With animal masks, our human bodies in movement generate dissimilar characters. They become sculptures, paintings and cartoons at the same time: they are simultanously animal, human AND thing.

Sonia Frankens visual arrangement processes and movement research complement each other in her choreographic processes. As a choreographer and performer she is a founding member of diverse performance collectives such as El Cuco Projekt (since 2014), Kollektiv Bauchladen Monopol (2006 – 2015) and Polar Publik (since 2020). She has a rich and diversified experience in teaching, is a certified IOKAI Shiatsu Practioner and completed her dance studies in Rotterdam/ NL (BA Dance Education) and Cologne (MA Dance Studies). WEBSITE

Gonzalo Barahona
works on paintings, sculptures and stage design. He completed his studies in Santiago de Chile (Diploma Visual Art) in Hamburg ( MA Film, Animation) and is currently working on his PHD project in Visual Arts at the Hochschule für Bildende Kunst, Hamburg. WEBSITE