El Cuco Projekt experiments with articulating Choreography and Visual Arts in a creative autonomous combination. With animal masks, our human bodies in movement generate dissimilar characters. They become sculptures, paintings and cartoons at the same time: they are simultanously animal, human AND thing.

Sonia Franken_Foto_annalev

Sonia Franken completed her dance studies in Rotterdam/ NL (BA Dance Education) and Cologne (M.A. Dance Studies). She has worked on performances in public space (Kollektiv Bauchladen Monopol) and as a dramaturge. Since 2010 she is a member of the choreographers network & production space Barnes Crossing, in Cologne. http://www.choreographie.org

Gonzalo Barahona
completed his studies in Santiago de Chile (Diploma Visual Art) in Hamburg ( M.A. Film, Animation) and is currently working on his PHD project in Visual Arts at the Hochschule für Bildende Kunst, Hamburg. He works on paintings, sculptures, stage design and in 2014 started to perform on stage. http://www.gonzalobarahona.wordpress.com

Acts of Politeness - El Cuco Projekt_Foto: MEYER Originals