My Reputation is your Guarantee

Prevent the encounter by wearing a noisemaker. Try to appear bigger by holding out clothes and pretending wings. Feel brave. Whatever you do – do not run. As running away is inviting it to attack you. Make yourself bigger.

In „My Reputation is your Guarantee“, two human-animal figures, a cat and a bird, mingle reputation codes with survival strategies. The contradictory relationship between humans and animals creates a new changeable aesthetic concept which El Cuco Projekt choreographer Sonia Franken and fine artist Gonzalo Barahona explore together using the experimental area of bodies in movement and animal masks.

Choreographie, Performance, Maske und Set: Sonia Franken & Gonzalo Barahona 
Komposition: Javier Barahona Uribe
Dramaturgie/ Outside Eye: Carla Jordao
Gefördert von: Stadt Köln, NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste
Produktion: Sonia Franken & Gonzalo Barahona